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I am wildlife and nature photographer Jim Stamates. I photograph our natural world for two reasons:
To promote the well being of nature and to share my experiences with you.
As a wildlife photographer my first responsibility is to my subjects.

Low Impact Wildlife Photography was started in 1987 to help educate others to the proper ‘low impact’ techniques for photographing nature. Since then our company has transformed many times. In the early nineties we became a leader in providing stunning images to the gift and gallery market. With our pioneering program “Gallery in a Store™” and our successful “MiniArt™” and AGP™ lines we sold more than one quarter million photographs.

Simultaneously our images have been licensed world wide for advertising, editorial, magazines, books, web, and brochures. Our hospitality decor division has provided custom images for many resorts, lodges, and timeshares that desire to “Bring the Outside…In”.

The Theory of Rhythms lecture and multi-media presentation explores how we fit in with the natural cycle of life and how being receptive to the ‘rhythms’ we find a more truthful path, in life, in family, and in our art. To learn more about Jim’s lectures click or call.

In recent years we’ve expanded our Photography FunShops™ and Adventure Tours. 

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