Getting into the Zone

Friday I had to meet with a client in Truckee.  Since it was Friday, I loaded the Pleasure-way in anticipation of a quiet week-end get-a-way after the meeting.  It was a gorgeous couple of days, warm and sunny. Friday afternoon and all day Saturday were very relaxing as Kathy and I enjoyed the green valleys, snow capped mountains, some petroglyph, grinding rocks, and some of the most beautiful meadows we’d ever seen! By Saturday night nature had done its job, bringing me back to that place inside that is somewhat stress free, and by Sunday I was there!

Sunday morning found me at the edge of Davis Lake spending quality time with 15 pairs of western grebes. I photographed their antics as they prepared for the nesting season. After a couple of hours of fun in the sun, we headed south, toward home, taking the unpaved back roads.
It was along one of the back roads we found a large meadow with two Sandhill Cranes.  As I inched my way within photo range, they started dancing. Dancing consists of various behaviors such as bowing, jumping, running, stick or grass tossing, as well as wing flapping. After about 30 minutes I left, knowing I had finally gotten “in the rhythm.”