One Click!

One Click! is inspired by two colleagues, Dewitt Jones and Moose Peterson. Dewitt sends an email once a week titled “Celebrate What’s Right With The World” and Moose is now blogging a “Simple Click”.  I’d been thinking for a long time on doing something similar but it hadn’t clicked.

So what is One Click!? Inspired by Dewitt, I will be emailing one photo to anyone who wants to receive it. I will be including some words of wisdom with each One Click! Here’s a sample:

Some days you just have to say UGH!
Okay, this one is comical and has been Photoshopped. They really don’t have orange tongues and in the original photo the mouth was closed. I am not going to use this as a One Click! and I am going to try to keep the images to ‘real’ photos. I just couldn’t resist sharing this one.
So, if you want to receive a One Click! in your email to brighten your day, just send me an email with ADD One Click! in the subject. If you are already on my email list you will be getting them starting April 5.
Here’s another sample:
…and all the world will smile, too.