Ordered It! D800E

Okay, after much consideration, I ordered my D800E. I ordered it from Leo’s Camera in Klamath Falls, OR. They don’t sell over the net but they are a pleasure to deal with over the phone. No, they don’t have them in stock, nobody does or will until mid April, and they sold their last D800 as soon as it arrived. Steve told me he has been getting calls daily looking for the D800 but not so much for the D800E. So now I’m sitting here like a kid the day after Halloween waiting for Christmas.

There is a lot of stuff on the net about ‘which camera should I order?’ D800 or D800E? And there are a lot of pros and cons and a whole bunch of mis-information. My suggestion is to get the D800E if you want the sharpest images ever available in a DSLR! But there is the moire’ problem. If you shoot people, or subjects with texture, go for the D800. You will have the second sharpest images ever!

Here’s an image from my D700 that you can enjoy until I get my ‘MEDIUM FORMAT’ camera in a DSLR body!

 Nature’s Neckless