To D800 or E or NOT

Okay, I admit, I’ve been drooling. But then when Nikon release a new pro camera I usually do. I’ve held off updating my equipment (D300, D700) waiting for the next version of each with 1080p video. The D300s just didn’t make it for me. But now! The D800 with 1080p and 36 megapixels! I’m ready…or am I?

Here’s the thing. I shoot nature, mostly wildlife, but I’m good for landscapes, too. Back in the day I printed large pieces on a regular basis. Now the print business is less important and the really big pieces this camera will allow me to do, well, are not in huge demand in my biz.

So do I need 36 megapixels? Do I need to have a camera that will easily print to 40×60 inches? Will the difference be so dramatic at 24×36 that it will blow away everything I’ve ever done? Do I really need that critical detail in every hair of the bear or feather of the bird?

Probably not! But hey, I’m drooling and I will probably order the E version soon. I mean if you’re gonna go for it, you might as well max it out.

This image is with the D300, somewhat cropped. Do I need more detail?