I Hate Selfies!

I hate selfies! Unless I’m in it. Sometimes there are opportunities that present a unique perspective to a self-portrait such as the one above. I was looking for Pikas in Yellowstone National Park near Hellroaring Creek Trailhead. This is a great place to find the elusive pika, but you have to have patience. On the way back from a short hike I noticed a pika running across the trail, picking some grasses, then running back toward the rocks. A little while later it repeated the event using the same spot across the trail.

Will it do it again? While the pika was in the rocks stashing the grass I placed a camera with a wide angle lens on the ground, propping it up with some rocks, at the position where the pika had crossed. Then I positioned myself with a remote so I would be in the frame but at a distance.

I waited…and waited…and waited. Finally my patience paid off. Out came the pika, cautiously it made its way across the path to get more grasses. I clicked the remote several times to make sure I got my selfie.