In The Rhythm Part 2

There are two types of rhythms; natural rhythms and unnatural rhythms, also called artificial rhythms. Natural rhythms are caused by three events;

the Earth spinning on its axes

the Moon circling the Earth

and the Earth and Moon orbiting the Sun.

Those three events control everything that happens in the natural world. Day and night, the tides, the seasons. It tells flowers when to bloom, animals when to mate. It tells birds when to fly south for the winter or north for the summer. Those three events affect everything natural and they are all that is needed for life to continue in harmony on planet Earth.

Unnatural rhythms are created by man. (when I use the term man, I am referring to the human species, although, in the beginning it was probably a male that decided to screw with nature)

Man was not happy being controlled by nature. man wants to control nature. In fact, man wants to control everything, so he invented two things that really messed up our natural rhythms. First he invented the light bulb to keep us up late at night, he then invented the alarm clock to get us up early in the morning. If that doesn’t mess up our natural rhythms, I don’t know what does.

We get up early in the morning before we are completely rested, slamming down a cup of caffeine to get us motivated. We jump into our 250 horsepower SUV and speed to work at a blazing 35 mph on a freeway along with all the other humans attempting to make a better life for their children.

Look at the rhythm of the freeway. All the cars smoothly traveling at the same speed. A mass of metal moving along a path like electrons down a copper wire bringing light to the night.

All of a sudden someone speeds up, changes lanes, and causes a crash. Everything stops! The freeway is jammed! One person out of rhythm has brought the entire mass of rush hour traffic to a complete halt. A change reaction has happened. People late for work, kids late for school, a baby is born in the back seat of a Chevy, possibly where it was conceived 9 months ago.

To be contined…