Another Year? Are you sure?

Here we are spinning in circles in an endless sea of milk. Yep. Just this little ole’ planet amongst googols of other planets, stars, and other stuff. Like a tiny particle of matter surrounded by somethingness.

We measure times around the Sun by celebrating the last moments of December 31st as it moves into the first moments of January 1st. One more of our Earth years has passed, another begins. It doesn’t matter that we will soon call it 2010, we’re way off. That’s just a number we can fit on our checks.
There is no next year, no end of one year and the beginning of another. It is a continuum. A gradual transition from what it was, to what it is, to what it shall be.
I suppose if you were to start a new year it would be on the winter equinox, when daylight hours have gotten to their shortest and begin to get longer. Or maybe the ‘new’ year starts at the summer equinox. Doesn’t really matter, as long as we get a day off!
Whether you decide to begin a new year or just keep riding. Treat everyone kindly. Give, give, and give some more, and don’t tell anyone you gave. Enjoy every moment, live like it is your last trip around the sun.
The future is so bright we all gotta wear shades.