Theory of Rhythms-Part 1

I am going to share with you the secret behind my photography!  It’s all about “Rhythms” and how it guides my photography and my life. How I use it to make important decisions including where I ought to be for my next great photo! I invite you to join me in this journey with an open mind. Bring curiosity along with your desire to be more creative and abundant.



I have always used ‘natural rhythms’ to connect with wildlife but never really understood how, or why, it worked. The more I researched my theory the more I understood how natural rhythms play a very important part in my photography and my life. I am now able to use it more effectively. It is how I make photographs that bring the spirit of the subject to the viewer of my images. I seldom go on a shoot with a preconceived idea of what I am looking for. Instead, I wait to see what nature offers me. Getting ‘In The Rhythm’ helps me connect with nature and puts me in the right place when I need to be there. Does it always work? Yes! If I am not distracted and totally ‘In The Rhythm,” it is magical!



My theory was incubated when I attended a photographer’s convention in San Diego. I believe it was 1991. A friend from Tahoe was also going and we agreed to meet there. 700 photogs milling around and I could not find my friend. I sat in the general assembly, scouting around for my friend and could not see her. However, I did notice this guy sitting nearby. Now I’m not sure why I noticed him, no special dress or look, just something that made him stand out for me.



After the general assembly I went to the restroom, didn’t see my friend, but in the stall next to me was ‘that guy.’ I then went to my breakout session, there were probably eight different workshops and the one I chose was not the one my friend chose, but, you guessed it, it was the one ‘that guy’ chose!



Then, again, the same scenario occurred at lunch. ‘That guy’ was right in front of me in line! It wasn’t until late the next day that I found my friend. She was there from the beginning and we kept missing each other!



During the time I had been looking for her I saw ‘that guy’ many times. I also saw other photographers that I began to recognize, over and over, but not my friend. It occurred to me that there was a pattern, or rhythm, that was noticeable throughout the crowds.  Certain people moved to certain rhythms. ‘That guy’ and I, and several others were in the same zone, the same rhythm. We were synced in and my friend and I were not.



That was the beginning of my rhythms theory. How often had that happened to me before? And does it happen to others? Ever drive on a long trip and notice the same vehicle, passing you or you passing it. Seeing it at the same turn-off for gas, the same restaurant for food. There must be something besides coincidence going on. Some sort of cosmic pattern that you are in, at that particular time and space, that brings you together.



During my research I found that, at some point, this has happened to almost everyone. We always consider it coincidence, chance, fate, luck, or happenstance. But what is really going on? I will tell you what I learned and the science behind it in future posts.  If you would like to be notified of the next installment, drop me an email. To be continued…