Photo Walk This Saturday!

First, I want to thank all of you who signed up for the South Lake Tahoe Photo Walk. I am surprised we have so many from our little town that want to join in. What fun we will have.

Everyone, and every camera, is welcome, even if you didn’t sign up. Even my Costa Rican friend with his polaroid, in the photo. However, you cannot post your images for a chance to win the Lightroom 2 book unless you sign up. Click the title. 

Here are some tips:
• Bring your camera! Any camera will do, point-and-shoot cameras to large format. Although large format is hardly what I would choose for a ‘walk’. 
• Tripod is optional, bring whatever gear you are comfortable with. The walk will not be that long. I’m not sure how much gear I will bring. Probably too much.
• Be sure your batteries are charged, or new, and bring plenty of memory or film. Anyone still use film?
• Wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes. Our walk will be mostly flat, but not all paved. If it looks like rain (I doubt it) be prepared. We will walk what ever the weather.
• Bring water and an energy bar if necessary, we will meet at Camp Rich General store after the walk and they have plenty to eat.
• Remember to walk in pairs or in groups – This is a social event. Get to know new people. We’ll definitely see some familiar faces in the group, but it doesn’t hurt to go with someone you don’t know and get to know them. 
• If you need help, ask, we should all be available to help each other. I am always available to share my knowledge. Just ask.
• Very important! Please be aware of areas we should not walk into, like flower beds, etc. Be sure to not get in other photographer’s shots, unless they want you to. And please be courteous to other people enjoying the area. We do not have exclusive use of the Tallac Site.
• And lastly, HAVE FUN!
Here is a site on Photo Walks that may be helpful by Jeff Revell.