Spring in the Sierra’s

Okay, I know some of you have been enjoying spring for some time now. Flowers blooming,birds chirping, walking around in shorts. Well, spring comes a little later in the sierra’s. We still have snow on the ground and even though we have our occasional warm days in the 50’s, it still snows now and then and the overnight temps are usually below freezing.
Our closest hint of spring is in Nevada, just 20 minutes over Luther Pass. A good place to get warm, okay, not warm but warmer.
Lately we’ve been counting sage grouse in Nevada. That’s fun. Early morning at the lek will sometimes provide photo opps.

This one came close enough to get some intimate photos of him displaying, trying to attract a female.

Nearby we’ve found this Great Horned Owl nest with newly hatched young

At a small wetland lake we found my old friends, the American White Pelican. Spent the night and watched them lift in the morning. What a site to see them riding the thermals, climbing higher and higher, until they can glide a hundred miles without flapping a wing.