Back For Bobcat Got Skunked

I know, I know. Of course I was hoping to see the bobcat again. After all, don’t we fish the same hole we caught the big one in? Don’t bears return to the same place they found a meal…years ago? So why not me? Should I just give up and say that bobcat sighting would never happen again in a million years! Not me! I drove 4 hours to the exact same place I last saw the bobcat. I waited. I hiked around looking for signs. Saw some too. Scat and tracks, but nothing new, they were fairly old.

I spent the night a couple of miles away. Returned the next morning and repeated my vigilance. But not for long. After awhile we headed to Adin and Ash Creek Wildlife Area.
Drove around, hiked a little, checked out some barns. And then…it happened!

Yep! Skunk! The subject of the trip. We saw 3 separate skunk in 3 different areas all feeding during the daytime. I didn’t want to get too close but since they were all feeding in open areas they had plenty of space to retreat if they felt threatened. Naturally I never got close enough to pose a threat and for the most part they had their nose to the ground. So there you have it. Went for bobcat, got skunked.