Chain of Fools

I’ve been shooting anything I can find with the new D800E and every time I download my images I’m blown away. I can take an uninteresting composition, grab the crop tool and find some little jewel within the image and still have enough pixels to make a great print!

I know, that’s cheating. I’m supposed to compose in the viewfinder, but as I said, I’m just out shooting anything and everything to learn the camera and all the features. And there are features galore! Like the new Virtual Horizon that shows roll and pitch in the VIEWFINDER! I set the fn button to activate it. It’s so handy for keeping the horizon straight without going through the menu and having it displayed on the LCD. I’m likin’ this feature.

Okay, sing along…Chain Chain Chain… Yesterday I was out playing with the D800E and found an interesting subject in the tack shed, an old tow chain that probably weighs 30 lbs.  I strung the chain between to trees and got out the hose. I had so much fun I’m going to do more today!

Still have a couple of seats for Grand Teton workshop in June. We’ll be looking for Bear, Moose, Bison, Pronghorn and a whole lot more including cubs, calfs, and kids.