D800E more to ponder

I woke up thinking if I’m doing the right thing. I do that a lot. Do I need the E version of the D800? or will the D800 be just as good. Looking at the Nikon site and their comparison between the two they almost seem to be discouraging the D800E. Odd, isn’t it? Here’s a link; http://www.nikonusa.com/Learn-And-Explore/Nikon-Camera-Technology/gy43mjgu/1/Moire-and-False-Color.html . 

They even say when comparing the two images from the D800 and the D800E that there is only a ‘slight’ increase in resolution with the E. So why bother? In fact, do I really need either?

 I have two challenges that I’m attempting to find a solution for and that’s why I’m bent on getting even the slightest more detail and resolution. 

When making a decision to buy the ‘newest’ camera I have to make the decision based on whether the new camera will solve a problem that may exist for me.  If I don’t have a specific need for this camera than I won’t waste my money. 

Most shooters that are used to banging out images with their DSLR will be disappointed in the results of either D800. Why? Because to get the maximum results from a 36mp sensor you will have to know how to use it.

First, you have to have the best glass, (lens) that Nikon makes. Those kit lens zooms won’t do justice to the resolution of the sensor.

Second, good shooting technique is a must. Sometimes we get lazy and instead of using a tripod we opt for VR (vibration control, image stabilization) to make up for not using a tripod. If you’re looking to get the max out of the D800/E, don’t use VR and always use a tripod.

Third, take your time. This is a camera that can make images that will blow away anything else created by a DSLR. Make sure the image you are making warrants the quality of this camera. Don’t make images that are just sharper and have more detail. Make images that are stunning, different, and better than you’ve ever done before!