People’s Choice…and the envelope please

The votes are in and the winners have been picked. The top 11, as there was a tie for 10th place, are posted below.
I thank everyone who participated in helping me find what you like best. 260 votes where cast and the top image received a whopping 10% of all votes.
And I understand why, cute sells!

Here they are in order of rank;

No. 1:  I love you Mom
01 - I Love You Mom

No. 2:  Egg for Breakfast

12 - Egg for Breakfast

No. 3:  Dancing Beaver

04 - Dancing Beaver

No. 4:  Too Close Whale

11 - Too Close

No. 5:  Monument Weather

18 - Monument Weather

No. 6:  Family Outing

13 - Family Outing

No. 7:  Salt Pan

16 - Salt Pan Death Valley

No. 8:  Monadnack Rising17 - Monadnock Rising

No. 9: Ambush  03 - Ambush

No. 10: Pika 

14 - Pika with Gloves On

No. 11:  Springtime in the Rockies

21 - Springtime in the Rockies

Naturally, I like them all, however, my favorites are; No. 5:  Monument Weather and No. 8:  Monadnack Rising which is a little strange since neither are wildlife and that is what I love to photograph the most.

Thank you all again for participating and I hope you had fun, I sure did. I will try real hard to have another batch for you to pick the best of 2015.

I’d love to read your comments so please do.