Camera Packs and Cases

For about 20 years I used a custom made camera backpack with internal frame. In the field I could easily carry 45#s of gear all day long. A backpack works great for getting you to the spot you want to photograph at, but if you move around a lot, you have to have a photo vest to put extra lenses, strobe, and accesories in for easy access. If you are in one spot, working out of the backpack works fine.

However, if you move around a lot, especially in hot weather, the system doesn’t work well at all as I learned on a trip to Costa Rica. I dehydrated twice due to the heat and humidity in the rain forest while photographing using my photo vest and camera backpack. Something had to change!
Think Tank Photo to the rescue!
I needed a new system that would be easier to use in the field and still get me out there in comfort. I needed something that would also be cooler in the rain forest and give me the flexibility to move around in the jungle. I didn’t want to wear a photo vest or anything that would keep me too hot. The only solution I could find was a belt system. I had seen them before at trade shows but at the time wasn’t convinced they would satisfy my needs. So I researched belt systems again. There are several on the market and after much research and comparison I decided on Think Tank’s Pro Speed Belt with several different modular components to hold lenses, camera, strobe, and accessories.

Think Tank Photo is owned by four working photojournalists. All their products are designed and tested by them and 12 other working photographers that make up their design board. They seemed to know what they were doing so I decided to give them a try.

When I received my new system I was instantly impressed with the quality and design. After using it for 2 months in Costa Rica I was completely sold! Think Tank had done their homework. Their belt system worked perfectly, kept me cool, and kept the weight off my shoulders. I was able to customize my system by using the pouches I need for my equipment and style of shooting. Changing a lens in the field was as easy as I’ve ever done. The pouches open and close easily and are right there when needed.

I still use a backpack if needed, but I always have my belt system on as well.

Think Tank Photo also has many other products including backpacks that are airport compatible, laptop cases, shoulder bags (shown above), and belt packs. You don’t have to be a pro to use them but you’ll feel like a pro when you do.

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